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Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack must win the affections of the King’s daughter Demelza and what better way than by defeating the Giant Blunderbore and his wicked henchman Slimeball. Meanwhile his mother Dame Trot struggles to pay the rent and her cowman Simon struggles to be brave. When Jack sells his mother’s beloved cow Daisy for a bag of beans, a giant beanstalk appears. Now Jack can climb up to the Giant’s lair and defeat him, not before encountering ghosts and …  bed bugs!!!.  

This was the fifth time that Parish Players performed Jack and the Beanstalk.  The first time was back in 1964 – 60 years previously - and the last time was 2004.  Several members of the cast of the production were also in the cast in 2004 and one member, David Golder, has been in all 5 productions.

Acknowledgements to Chris Abbott for the Stage Design, Sally Reeves for stepping in as Stage Manager when Anne Carroll was taken ill, Nick Carroll for stepping in as King when Jeremy Hicks was taken ill and to Tim Milner for the photos.


4 - 6th January 2024


Ben Crocker


Caryl Court & Tash Rewrie



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