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Parish Players meetings are held each Tuesday evening (Sept-June) in St.Mary’s Parish Hall, Merton Park. These meetings start at 7.45pm prompt until 10.00pm / 10.30pm, at the discretion of the director. Additional Sunday afternoon rehearsals (max. 3 per production) will be advised at the start of each rehearsal period. During the week of the show, all members involved in the production will be required to attend each evening from 6.00pm. All parent/guardians of member under the age of 18 will be provided with a copy of the rehearsal schedule at the start of the rehearsal period.

All parent/guardians of members under the age of 18 are expected to make arrangements for their child to be accompanied by an adult to and from all rehearsals. If the parent/guardian is not the person accompanying their child home, Parish Players must receive written notice of the named adult that will accompany them home, this named adult has sole responsibility for the care of this child during the travelling to and from rehearsals, not Parish Players. This notice can be emailed directly to the production director or to any member of the committee. Please note, it is not the responsibility of Parish Players to take any under-18-member home.


Parents/guardians are most welcome to sit in the hall foyer whilst waiting for the end of a rehearsal (having regard for the timings outlined above). A member of the Committee and/or the director will remain in the hall until all members have left.

Subscription fees are payable by everyone who wishes to join Parish Players, whether as an acting or backstage member and they are renewable annually in September. If a member joins mid-year, the full annual subscription fee applies. This fee is not dependent on whether an individual is appearing in or involved with a particular show.


The subscription fee is reviewed annually by the committee and may be subject to increase. All proposed increases are discussed and agreed at the Annual General Meeting on the first Tuesday of September.

For health and safety reasons, the maximum number for the cast of any show is 35 (this is the total cast number (including littlies), not simply how many can be on the stage at any one time).  If the Director of a show has any reason to require more than 35 in the cast, he/she must apply to the Committee for approval, prior to finalising casting.

Members may join from the September they start academic Year 7. There is no upper age limit for members.

In a pantomime, ‘littlies’ are to be aged 3 to 7 and under at the time of the show in which they are appearing. They are chosen by the Director of the show but must be a close connection of a fully paid member of Parish Players.
(Please see the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for the full littlies terms of involvement).

Parish Players has its own Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy. This is available to view on our website at any time and in hardcopy by request.

All members are encouraged to read the Safeguarding policy which is reviewed annually prior to the AGM in September. A copy of the policy is emailed out to members annually and a hardcopy present at all rehearsals and in the dressing rooms during performances.


A member of the committee serves as the Safeguarding & Child Protection Officer, this member is currently Clare Quinn, any queries or concerns regarding safeguarding and/or the safeguarding policy may be directed to her or the committee.


In accordance with Parish Player’s child protection and safeguarding policy, photography or video recording of members under 18 is not permitted without the consent of parent/guardian and the young person.

Personal photography by cast and crew is permitted as long as no under-18 members are included without the consent of the parents and the young person and all persons within the photo consent to the photo being taken.


Photography by any member, in any dressing room, is not permitted at any time.


Publication of any photographs/videos on any member’s social media platform is not permitted without the express consent of all parties involved.


Audience photography and video recording is not permitted – this is communicated both verbally at the start of each performance and in print in the production programme and foyer posters.


Photography and video recording by members during performances and dress rehearsals is not permitted due to the distraction this can cause to both cast and crew.


Official photographs of each production will be taken during the dress rehearsal and these will be shared with the cast and crew and published on the website as a record of the production.

If you require more information regarding our safeguarding and child protection policy or have any questions in response to this document then please contact a member of the committee on the following email address:


Parish Players has its own Health and Safety Policy. All members are encouraged to read and be familiar with this policy, which is available to view on our website at any time and in hardcopy by request.  


Overall responsibility for health and safety within our society rests with the entire membership and we ask our members to always consider the health and safety of themselves, our members and others affected by their actions when representing and attending Parish Players. Any concerns should be reported to a member of the committee, Director or Stage manager for the particular production.


We will aim to monitor and review processes in an aim to continually improve the culture and management of health and safety within our society.  To this end, a production file, including risk assessments, is available for each production. A hard copy is available at all rehearsals. 


The committee will discuss any risks or areas of concern which they perceive or which are highlighted to them and will review the policy regularly in light of any changes to our activities or regulations.  Health and safety will be a regular item on the agenda for committee meetings and the AGM. 

All tickets for Parish Players productions are booked via our online booking system – The online Box Office will be available approximately 6 weeks prior to opening night. An email will be sent to members with a link to the box office for each production. It is members responsibility to ensure that they have given an up-to-date email address.

If there is a price reduction for “children” (e.g. at a pantomime matinee), children are deemed to be under 12 years of age.

Props: If a member lends props or costumes for use in a production, it must be noted that Parish Players will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the item/s lent. 

Smoking:  It is not permitted to smoke anywhere in the Parish Hall.

Scripts:  It is usual for people to pay for their own scripts – approx. £10.00 (under 18s and concessions currently pay reduced rate).

Noise:  Members are expected to arrive and leave the hall promptly and quietly, showing consideration to the local residents. There should be no congregating outside the hall during rehearsal times.

Refreshments:  At rehearsals, members are expected to pay for their own tea/coffee/squash/biscuits. The charge for this is currently 50p.

Alcohol: No member is permitted to consume alcohol during any rehearsals or backstage (including dressing rooms) during performances.

Contact Numbers:  If you have any queries or need any further information, please contact for the attention of:

Chair of Committee: Richard Warner  
Secretary: Ingrid Holtz                                                                                        
Treasurer: Peter Smith
Safeguarding & Child Protection: Clare Quinn (Maternity Cover)

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