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Making Tea


Tea Pots and PP Biscuits in cupboard under the small sink by the water heater.


Milk jug in left hand cupboard under the counter


Coffee, tea, sugar & squash in tall cupboard


Hot water jug for coffee in bottom shelf of tall cupboard


Jug for squash and beakers in cupboard left of fridge

Teaspoons in "island" drawer

Setting up

One large tea pot, 6 tea bags


20 mugs, three beakers, half a jug of squash, teaspoons


Special Orders!


2 Mint green tea for Caryl & Peter (packet in biscuit box)


1 decaf for David Golder


2/3 have ordinary coffee, Clare takes black


Wash up by hand and wipe surfaces


Most have paid, so don't worry about collecting money

Switch off kitchen lights

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