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The Unexpected Guest


9 - 10th May 1975


Agatha Christie


Graham McCubbin & Chris Spencer



if you appreciate a good Agatha Christie, then you would have thoroughly enjoyed the Parish Players recent production of "The Unexpected Guest". This is a play not to be undertaken lightly by an amateur society for, although it has all the best ingredients of a good murder mystery there is, in fact, very little "action". Consequently our enjoyment depended greatly on the talent of the cast and skill of the producers to put life (where necessary!) and credibility into the characters and pace and tension into the performance. They succeeded admirably. Elizabeth BlazdelI, as Laura Warwick, gave an outstandingly good performance, while Graham McCubbin excelled himself with his thoughtful portrayal of the retarded son. Sheila Holden made one of her welcome but rare stage appearances as the elder Mrs. Warwick and Chris Spencer competently executed the exacting title role. Simon Eve amply filled the rather unsavoury part of the valet and Christine Angus made her mark as the house-keeper. The humorous opportunities offered by the part of Sergeant Cadwaller were admirably exploited by Roy Venables while David Golder, sharp and efficient, was every inch the Inspector. John Gout, deputising at short notice, gave an interesting portrayal of the friendly neighbour and Carl Sims as Richard Warwick was, of course beyond criticism. 


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