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Mr Kettle and Mrs Moon


7 - 8th May 1976


J B Priestley


Sheila Holden



The Parish Players production in the Parish Hall gave all who attended a most enjoyable evening's entertainment. J.B. Priestley's play is a comedy set in the 1950's in a drab midland town, and was well suited to the Player's talents.

The set was outstanding, matched the period precisely and the scene of factory chimneys through the window of Mr. Kettle's flat indicated most aptly the location of the play. Entrances and exits were well timed and the synchronisation of the sound effects deserve special credit.

The player's characterisations were generally good. Simon Eve played the lead role of a bank manager with a difference and gave a convincing and sympathetic interpretation of the part. His make-up could perhaps have given him the added years that a bank manager would have. In the difficult role of Mrs. Moon, Carol McCubbin played very sensitively and emerged well from her business-like exterior into the romantic and attractive personality to 'pair' with Mr. Kettle. Irene Eve was outstandingly good as Monica Twigg, though she would have been more effective if she could have produced a midland accent. Chris Spencer is to be commended for his very successful accent. Graham McCubbin was impressive and gave a valuable characterisation of a man whose wife's actions were completely beyond his comprehension. David Golder handled with skill a key but somewhat improbable role as the Inspector, and Roy Venables gave a good and well balanced exposition of senior management. The part of the doctor was a little gem and John Gout
teamed up well with the cast in playing him, though he seemed rather young and boyish for a man of consultant rank. Joan Wood completed an able team. The players were clearly well handled by the producer, Sheila Holden, and gave of their best.

Congratulations must go to all who played a part in providing the parish with such a fine evening out but what a pity there was not a larger audience.

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