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Merton Make Believe


9 - 11 January 1958


J D Llewelyn


Charles Flowers



For three nights, January 9th to I1th, packed houses were transported to a wild, extraordinary, extravagant and uproariously successful Merton Pantomime, entirely home-brewed, ranging from Mediaeval times to the Tropics; from wedding cakes to witch doctors. Mr. Llewelyn wrote the book; Mr. Flowers produced; and 33 members of the cast, aided by 17 electricians, stage hands, costumiers, ballet mistresses, and what-have-you did the deed. And what a deed ! Mr. Llewelyn's fertile mind conceived the idea of two wealthy tropical princes, who married the two daughters, and restored the financial fortunes of the Marquis and Marchioness of Merton, closely attended by by My Lords Mitcham and Morden, and their ladies, staff, attendants, two villans, and two monks; into which were co-mingled a devil's brew of conjuring, apache dancing, songs grave and gay, a climable palm tree, magnesium flares, thunder, professors, choir boys, hand-bell ringers, a libellous calling of banns, Simon the cellarer, and a happy ending. There -were plenty of jokes, some unintentional, splendid costumes and props, the words were well-known, the dances both vigorous and skilful, and unfailing support was given by Mrs. Brock at the piano to music which included one home-made song, the joint production of Messrs. Llewelyn and Crandall. If a weak spot must be mentioned it was the singing, which was not on the level of the rest of the performance. This was talented and resourceful, well stage managed, and reflected the greatest possible credit on the cast, the back and front stage folk, and, above all, on Charles Flowers, who worked so hard and successfully over many weeks to produce a real team and an enjoyable result. Well done all. We look forward to the next one. All appreciated the skill and enthusiasm which made so much of our small stage. Thank you author and producer. 

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