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Maggi Chick

Production Secretary

How long have you been a member of Parish Players and part of the committee?

I have been a member of Parish Players since 1967 although I was a ‘littlie’ as a gosling in ‘Mother Goose’ in 1961. I have been a member of the committee on several occasions over the years taking on the roles of Secretary and Chairman at various times.

What first brought you to Parish Players?

My sister was a member and it was just what the youth of the parish did when you reached a certain age. 

What is your most memorable experience being a part of Parish Players?

Such a difficult question, so many wonderful times, but I guess it has to be co-devising, writing, producing and performing in ‘Rhythm of Life’ a review of 25 years of London Stage Musicals in 1980.  I think it was the first time I had experienced a standing ovation.  And more recently managing to learn the lines for my part in ‘Ladies Day’ in 2019 which was such a fun and challenging production.

If you could describe Parish Players in three words, what would you say?

Laughter Friendship Achievement

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